Chairplan : Out Of The Ordinary
Chairplan : Out Of The Ordinary
Chairplan : Out Of The Ordinary
Chairplan: design, build, manufacture

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We are passionate about sitting down. Most people will consider this to be a normal, every day activity. Very often the first thing we do when meeting people is offer them a seat. The standard of the seating gives you an immediate impression of; a venue, a business, an office, a restaurant. The seating quality sends a very clear message as to what standard of service is in operation within the organisation. Sitting down is a very important aspect.

To us, the simple act of sitting down with comfort is achieved through a process of complex connections, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Design, passion, pioneering and manufacture are the cornerstones of the Chairplan brand. Chairplan will change the way you think about seating is not just a slogan, but a statement of intent.

Chairplan combines style with substance, form with function, design with manufacture. We love to make these complex connections. Drawing upon our experience of designing and manufacturing chairs and seating, our offer is simple, to provide the best seating solution for your investment. Behind every chair is the passion of a family run business with a team that takes pride in every single detail from the initial drawings through to the delivered product.

Through our constant worldwide research, pioneering technologies, and attention to detail, our organisation is at the cutting edge of the industry. We offer each user more than just a simple chair. We align both the form and function of each chair ensuring a stylish product with full ergonomic consideration.


We provide beautifully designed, innovative and functional seating products at competitive prices. Chairplan prides itself with being associated with well considered, beautifully designed products. We constantly develop our product range in all areas of seating and seating related products. Our team design and build bespoke seating for the UK and European market.

Chairplan: design and build chairs

Chairplan soft furnishings - cubes


Create a stylish, unforgettable atmosphere that’s funky and loud, corporate and memorable. Playfully designed with fun, flexibility and vibrancy in mind, Chairplan has created a fabulous concept of comfortable Circles & Cubes to liven up any room. Whether for use in a nursery, school, 6th form, university, waiting room, salon, studio, cafe, bar, club, hotel lounge, hotel room, leisure facility, health club, gym, spa, office or home, the Circles & Cubes are a perfect addition to give any environment personality.