In early 2015 we asked Oomph Creative Agency to work with us (Chairplan Design and Manufacture) to refresh our company image, develop our visual identity and overall brand image. What they came up with surpassed our expectation. The hand drawn identity really reflected the creativity and design within our organisation, whilst underpinning the precision of our manufacturing.


Oomph Creative Agency then created a photographic campaign to help us launch the seating new products, services and our new identity. The “Out of the ordinary” campaign enables the end user to really focus on what is important; beautiful design.


On the 10th July 2015, we officially launched our new visual identity, promotional brochure, website and seating products. The Chairplan Design and Manufacture Brand was launched at the Barns Hotel, Bedford, in their characterful 13th century Tithe Barn.


This was the perfect way to bring together key people in the industry and potential customers, whilst promoting our fresh new identity, photography, brochure, website and products.


We were so excited to ‘show off’ all of our new items under the promotional title of “Out of the ordinary”. The event was indeed “Out of the Ordinary” thanks to Oomph Creative Agency who was responsible for the whole thing; they created the identity, designed the launch and orchestrated the event.


The event brilliantly brought together the entire Chairplan team who were involved in every aspect, from setting up on the day to mingling with the VIP guests. Their hard work really paid off and the launch, which was superbly supported, was a huge success.


Oomph also captured the mood and atmosphere of entire day in a time lapse video. This shows the hard graft of the team at the beginning, the set up of the Tithe Barn, the amazing band preparing, the VIP guests filtering in, through to the event climax and a wonderful summers evening.


We would like to thank the entire Chairplan Design and Manufacture team for all their hard work, the brilliant team at Oomph Creative Agency, the wonderful musicians in the band Darkside Owls and The Barns Hotel in Bedford, who in combination planned, ran and made this event run absolutely perfectly.