Chairplan Exhibition 2017

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13th July 2017
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Chairplan Exhibition 2017

Chairplan exhibition 2017

Going out to meet up with our dealers is always a great way to keep them up to date with our constantly developing product range. However, showing them our products in detail is not so easy. We have beautiful images of our task /operator /office seating that we show them, we have our brochures and our website. These are brilliant, but there is nothing like actually being able to physically touch and sit on the product to see and feel the quality of our chairs.


Showcasing products

Therefore the Chairplan Exhibition 2017 was the perfect way for us to showcase our task /operator /office products under one roof. Now in its third year, we held our event at The Barns Hotel in their beautiful 13th century barn. On Friday 6th October, the Chairplan Exhibition 2017 opened up the doors for one night only to dealers, suppliers, businesses, friends and family.


The purpose

The primary purpose of the exhibition is to invite our dealers to come and experience our product range for themselves. It allowed us to show them the design considerations, the manufacturing process, the detail that goes into every aspect of building an office chair. In addition, it provides an opportunity for us to invite our suppliers, developing greater relationships, ideas and partnerships. The secondary purpose is to promote our range of products to local businesses, giving them a platform to view, touch, sit on and experience our beautifully crafted seating range.


This year the concept altered slightly, in that we arranged one to one sessions to give a dedicated time slot to speak with a specific dealer, allowing them to ask us questions, provide us with their opinion and feedback on the office seating on display. It also allowed us the time to show the level of detail and consideration that goes in to designing, building, covering the seats.


The ‘Airfix’ concept

The idea behind the exhibition design concept came during early discussions when we realised that dealers and consumers quite often do not realise what goes in to the construction of the task /operator /office chairs.


We wanted to somehow be able to express this element in the exhibition and so we felt the office chair could be displayed in the same way as an Airfix model, just in a larger scale. Each element of the chair has been considered and designed; the ‘Airfix’ concept provided us with the perfect communication vehicle. It enabled us to get every element of the chair to be displayed, in great detail. It provided the consumer with a real insight in to all of the elements and complexity involved in the construction of a task chair”.


A great success

We were delighted with the outcome of Friday; it was a hugely positive event that was very well received. The feedback we received on the night, from all those who attended the event, was extremely upbeat. Our 2017 exhibition met the desired purpose. It enabled us to show off our task /operator /office chairs, gave us 1 to 1 opportunities with our valued dealers and also show off our fantastic Chairplan team. It provided us with a great opportunity to talk and enjoy a drink with our dealers, suppliers, stakeholders, friends and family members.