We often get asked by customers and suppliers if the images we use in our marketing materials are “photo-shopped”. No matter how many times we say “They’re all taken on location” it feels as though an element of doubt remains in their mind. We can almost hear them thinking “do you expect me to believe a manufacturing company based in Royston takes one of their chairs out to the mountains to be photographed! Seriously?

Once you have watched this short film, I think it proves beyond doubt that our chairs are all photographed on location (all over Europe). Watch as Oomph Creative Agency shows us how they go about getting the superb imagery for our website, brochures and marketing materials. This iPhone film was created to show just what goes on behind the scenes, the thought process, the strategy and how far they are prepared to go.

We follow the Olé chair through France to the Alps to capture the perfect image which goes on to appear as the feature double page spread in our 2016 brochure.

Please get in touch to request a brochure to see for yourself.