How do you sit down?

We are passionate about sitting down, and if you think about it very often the first thing you do after greeting someone is offer them a seat. We sit down at our desks. We sit together in meetings. We sit down at restaurants. We sit down to relax at home. We sit down when socialising.

In fact we do a lot of sitting in our lifetime, which is why all at Chairplan believe that all seating should be of an extremely high standard and always comfortable. It is vital to support you in all of the right places to avoid aches and pains. Keeping you fit and healthy is a by-product of what we do.

Since our company restructure and rebrand back in 2012, we have strived to improve our level of service, our products, our manufacture process, our delivery, well all areas of our organisation. To date this has been realised through hard work, improving our processes, our internal and external communication. We are not content with stopping there, our desire is to get things right for our dealers and vitally importantly their customers.

Our buying team has travelled all over Europe (they are in Italy currently) to ensure that we fully research products and only buy the best quality components, foam and materials. It would be easy to import cheap goods from around the world, however, this approach is a short term strategy as we have no control over the quality – in fact these goods are often inferior – hence the cheaper price.

We live and breath design and style. This is the core that runs through our entire range of seating; from efficient office seating through to beautiful hospitality seating. We focus on combining style with substance and this is only achieved through immaculate design and manufacture, focusing on every detail from the initial drawings through to the delivered product.

All you need to remember is “we’ve got your back”, oh and of course “your backside!”