Office chairs

Operator, Task & Executive seating

From task and operator chairs to executive seating our range is both stylish and practical. We have solutions perfect for reception areas, meeting rooms, training rooms, breakout areas and, of course, offices.

AERO. Office chairs


An adaptable operator chair, the Aero has a stunning ‘butterfly’ design on the back

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Alpha. Office chairs


With its weight sensing technology, the Alpha auto adjusts to each user

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Ava. Office chairs


Adaptable & functional task chair with the option of mesh back or upholstered back

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Blade. Office chairs


Designed to fully support the needs of a busy workforce and ensure maximum comfort

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Folly. Office chairs


Square contemporary back design retains quality while displaying stylish appearance

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Grande+. Office chairs


A multi-functional operator chair that is suitable for all office environment types

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Jumbo. Office chairs


Combining ergonomic design and supreme comfort, ensuring hard wearing performance

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Lombare. Office chairs


Healthy seating posture, easy use adjustments, generous kidney seat & back supports

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Luxor. Operator office chairs


A luxurious range designed with style, personality and ergonomics in mind

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Mee. Office chairs


Designed with ergonomics in mind, a breathable mesh back provides comfort

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Montel. Office chairs


This operator chair provides effective support for prolonged periods of seated work

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Napoli. Office chairs


The Napoli chair provides comfort, good seating posture and easy to use adjustments

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Nero. Office chairs


Square contemporary back design retains quality while displaying stylish appearance

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Oxo. Office chairs


Easy adjustable high back mesh chair with contoured seat & integral lumbar support

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Passport. Office chairs


Passport combines both ergonomic support & design, it’s ideal for executive settings

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Petite+. Office chairs


Multi-functional chair ideal for office environments, designed for maximum comfort

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Play. Office chairs


Adjustable high back mesh chair with a contoured seat and integral lumbar support

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Sancon. Office chairs


The Sancon operator chair combines affordability & practicality for all workplaces

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Santino. Office chairs


Operator chair ergonomically designed with profiled backs & generous waterfall seat

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