Advanced textile treatment to reduce viral transmission from fabric surfaces

We are delighted to be able to offer a new advanced textile treatment for our chairs that reduces the potential for viral transmission from fabric surfaces in offices and commercial spaces.

Developed by Camira Fabrics, when applied to a fabric, this state-of-the-art textile technology destroys viruses and kills bacteria – ensuring upholstery does not act as a potential source of transmission.

Named Camira StaySafe, it has been independently tested on several of their wool, polyester and Trevira CS fabrics and is shown to have highly effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It is safe, durable and there is no impact on colour or flammability performance.

How it works

Camira StaySafe works in three simultaneous ways to attract, attack and ultimately destroy the virus.

A high powered combination of both silver and liposome technologies, firstly attracts the virus, then attacks the virus membrane, depleting it of cholesterol and allowing the silver to kill the entire virus. This is particularly effective against enveloped virus strains, providing rapid virus deactivation and destruction, while the anti-microbial silver chemistry also inhibits the replication of bacteria.

Available on Chairplan ranges

We are able to offer the treatment on our range of textile chairs and seating.

John Roberts, MD of Chairplan, comments:

The pandemic has made us all far more aware of the need to prevent viral transmissions, particularly in office and commercial spaces.

As the business world looks at how to make the working environment safer I feel this new technology, as a proven and effective treatment, is going to be perfect for multi occupancy furniture in waiting areas, meeting rooms, break out space, restaurants, hotels and educational settings.

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