Research & Development trip to Italy

One aspect of our business that possibly gets overlooked by our customers is the amount of time we put in to researching and developing our products and services.

We visited the Twins Group – Brado, Stiwood, Metalmeccanica Alba and Real Piel which are based in Treviso, Northern Italy.

The purpose of our trip was to visit the newly developed Brado factory and showroom. Our Italian suppliers invited Chairplan over to Italy to see first hand the innovative way in which they developed and produced their products.

Working closely with our dealers/partners

We are always looking to be proactive and extended this invitation to one of our valued dealers – Source One. Chairplan like to create close working relationships with our dealers and this knowledge sharing provides true benefits for all involved.

Chairplan took Source One Consulting so that we could all have a great learning experience, sharing the working knowledge on the how, what, why, where and when.

It was an amazing chance to see the Italian factory in action. The benefits from this exclusive visit were vast and it also allowed us to see the design and manufacturing direction the Twins Group is heading. 

Touring each factory, we saw in detail how they produce and test each product. We were really impressed by the traceability process of the raw materials used.

Brado provided us with a great insight into their use of cutting edge CNC machinery, Robotics and Quality Control (which is ground breaking). It is an exciting time for chair products; they will be showcasing these at Orgatec in 2017.

Brado has been a design and production inspiration for us. In the 11 plus years we have been partnering with them, they have always made us feel included in the design and development of cutting edge products, materials that are always as respectful to the planet as possible.

In addition they have been incredibly supportive to our R&D, helping us in the development of our innovative design and production processes.